Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fr. Faltaos el-Suryani and St. Mina

When Pope Kyrillos VI became patriarch he decided to begin working on the monastery of St. Mina buying 15 acres of land for the monastery. At that time he requested Bishop Theophilus who at the time was the abbot of the Syrian Monastery (Der-el-Suryan), to send a group of monks from Der-el-Suryan to the monastery of St. Mina to build up the monastery. Among them was Fr. Faltaos el-Suryani who used to clean the bathrooms and pathways without their knowledge. One day, the donkey that Abouna used to carry the cart filled with water got exhausted from work and ran from him and would not come back. So Fr. Faltaos told himself, ‘Don’t upset yourself, I’ll put myself in place of the donkey’. Abouna carried the cart all the way to the well and carried it back to the monastery. During his return to the monastery, St. Mina appeared to one of the monks of the monastery and told him, “I will not forget the fact that Fr. Faltaos put himself in place of the donkey to bring water back to me.”

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