Saturday, 2 March 2013

Fr. Kyrillos and the Man who Repented

Fr. Kyrillos El-Makary

St. Macarius the Great

One of the monks of the monastery (St. Macarius Monastery) never went out to the world except for a few times for medical purposes. On one of these visits to the doctor for treatment, the monk saw that the man was around his age and they looked at each other and found out that he was his colleague during his time in college. The monk in a friendly way invited the man to the monastery and this was during the beginning of Lent. The man accepted the invite and went to the monastery on one of the days of the fast and the following happened:

The man arrived at the monastery at 10 in the morning and sat at the guest place. The church bell rang for liturgy that was from 11 till 1. The man did not care and did not go to the church, and after a bit Fr. Kyrillos El-Makary arrived and met with this man.

He asked him: “Why didn’t you come to liturgy and receive communion?”
The man laughed greatly, indicating sorrow.
And told Fr. Kyrillos, “Me take communion?!”
Fr. Kyrillos asked him, “Why not take communion?”

The man told him that for more than 25 years he did not receive communion or fast and that he is now, of course, not fasting for Lent. Fr. Kyrillos told him, “Go quickly and receive communion and I am the one who is telling you to go receive communion” The man in turn told him that he already had breakfast of milk, cheese and eggs before he came to the monastery and that he had just smoked cigarettes as well…!! But Fr. Kyrillos insisted that he go to the church to receive communion and gave him the absolution.

The man was moved and  embarrassed, and was confused over Fr. Kyrillos’ insistence that he receive communion. Indeed, he went to the church and partook of the Holy Mysteries…after spending all his life away from communion.

When the time for visiting was over, the Father responsible for the visitors told them that the visiting time is over. He noticed a man sitting beside the relics of St. Macarius the Great, weeping and this was around 6 in the afternoon. The Father then told Fr. Kyrillos of the man’s situation and asked him what should they do. When Fr. Kyrillos heard of this, he told the Father to leave him and not to bother him.

After a short while, the man left the monastery at 7 pm and then left the whole world, and departed into the heavens at 3 am on that same day after he partook of the Holy Mysteries and in repenting before the relics of the three saints (St. Macarius the Great, St. Macarius of Alexandria and St. Macarius the Bishop) and under the blessing of Fr. Kyrillos and his loving and big heart, the lover of sinners and the one who goes after those who have gone astray.

The relics of St. Macarius the Great, St. Macarius of Alexandria and St. Macarius the Bishop

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