Monday, 8 December 2014

Concluding the Biography of Fr. Benyamin the Hermit - Part 1

Some of Fr. Benyamin’s Sayings:

+ We are foreigners (in this world) and we have no other consolation except prayer.

+We must be simple, loving all, but with careful vigilance.

+ One time Dr. Mary, the physician of the hospital, pressed him for spiritual advice and so he said to her, “Pray, ‘O my Lord Jesus Christ, remove from me self-love (pride)’”

+After asking him to clarify what he had just said, he told her to move on from drinking milk (to grow) and said, “Often repeat that phrase (O my Lord Jesus Christ remove from me self-love) and God Himself will reveal to you deep and new mysteries.” He advised her to ask for wisdom from God and that He would bestow it. “Be like the good soil where God sowed His holy seeds and has borne blessed fruits.”

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    May God grant me to pray this same prayer.